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Where do we get our stock for our vintage stores ? Like vintage typewriters, collectibles, typewriters, toys, antiques, did I say vintage typewriters? Well, we make A LOT of house calls, kinda like an old fashioned Dr. except we don’t treat your ulcers or mend your broken leg. (I only practice my Dr. skills on my unsuspecting children and husband and puppies.)  We mend your house ‘mess.’

We find that most people set out a few things they think might interest us and believe me we ARE interested in everything but we have to set limits. I hate it when that happens. Generally we end up in an attic or a basement or the garage of our client and then we get to work. We are pretty fast because we know what we are looking for. We may go through boxes (with your permission) or closet and set things in a pile. Next comes the fun part . . .  pricing your items (yes we sometimes dicker back and forth just like the dudes on American Pickers) but in the end we hand you cold hard $$$$.   It’s a win win. Your treasures find a new home and we make new friends 🙂 Here are a few of the things we are looking for.

1. Typewriters – We can’t keep typewriters in stock and ribbons . . . typewriter ribbons. We are are forever purchasing those!

We love vintage typewriters but we need stock in ribbon!

We love vintage typewriters but we need stock in ribbon!. Arg. I’m always buying new ribbons.  I’m talking about good old manual hunt and peck typewriters.

2. toys – Disney items, batons, Dick and Jane books, toy cars, piggy banks. Dye cast toys, games. Fisher Price.
3. advertising labeled items-like old cigarette tins, coffee jars, Rice Krispy cereal bowls and
4. western gear – cowboy boots, horse shoes, lasso’s, horse and cowboy figurines.
5. military, fireman memorabilia medals, weapons, and uniforms.
6. housewares –  Pyrex dishes, embroidered dish towels, Ball jars, old copper items, metal
lunch boxes and thermos, wind-up clocks.
7.” 60s era” items vinyl chairs, end tables, lamps, chandeliers, wall hangings
8.  hardware tools and pulleys
9. outdoor items kerosene lanterns, thermos, coolers or metal ice chests.

10. sports hunting equipment (decoys, bows), Letterman’s jackets, megaphones, early football gear.

Spring cleaning has never been so fun! Call or text Shawn 206 972 5080 or email

This duck decoy flew out the door. Well not literally.

This duck decoy flew out the door. Well not literally.


Vintage grey blue Torpedo typewriter.

Vintage grey blue Torpedo typewriter.


Advertising is a sure winner.

Advertising is a sure winner.

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