Vintage Letterpress as art

I recently purchased another set of teeny tiny vintage letterpress letters and numbers from one of my favorite ‘hunt and peck’ shops in Bellevue, Idaho. I was reminded of the wonderful art created from my last letterpress group that I sold. Take a look at the creativity from Copperleafstudios.

 Authored by Chris of Copperleafstudios.  I have always had a crush on letterpress.  Smooth metal shapes with deeply carved letters, coated with the gray patina of time.  In my mind’s eye they are the size of children’s blocks, and just as tactile.  But I’ve never used them in artwork.  In real life they are often tiny, and clunky, and while they can be beautiful in other artists’ hands, they are awkward at best in mine.

But then I discovered a beautiful Art Deco set in the vintage shop “Call Me Clever” (  I fell in love with the letters, and the way they were grouped together in a topsy turvy manner.  The image glued itself to my brain, and when I went back, the letterpress had sold and just the image remained.  I contacted Shawn the shop owner and asked if he would allow me to do something artistic with his photo.  I didn’t know what.  (Sometimes it’s best to not think about that til you get permission, lest your creative heart be broken 😉 )  She was very kind and agreeable, and I’m thrilled to share with you the results of our collaboration: See above copperleafstudio link 🙂

And finally, here are the little wonders that gave copperleaf the idea. You can buy this group at my esty shop for the artist in you.

Letterpress all the rage for art supplies.

Letterpress all the rage for art supplies.

Letterpress as art
Article Name
Letterpress as art
Vintage metal letterpress make great art supplies
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