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Vintage army surplus so works for today’s clothing. Shopping at an estate sale today netted me army surplus army green boxers. To be specific WWII Military Boxer Shorts! Now I know what you are thinking. Ewww. Really? Why would anyone buy that sort of thing? I’ll tell you why in one succinct picture.

Honestly these are the most comfortable shorts!

Honestly these are the most comfortable shorts!


Three buttons around the waist and hey the fly is open but that’s what good looking underwear are for or go commando 🙂 Whatever, there are loads of great construction details.The sides cinch up nicely because there is a drawstring through well stitched holes on either side of the underwear, I mean shorts. What’s not to like about these vintage army surplus shorts? And did I say they come in loads of colors? Well they don’t but they do come in all sorts of sizes. The size is marked on the inside in permanent ink. Personally I think these are a great improvement over the stupid pillowcases that some guys now wear. You know what I’m talking about. I won’t delve into underwear-speak any further but I have opinions. That’s all I’m going to say in this G-rated blog 🙂


Vintage military surplus jacket is always a winner.

Vintage military surplus jacket is always a winner.


And finally I have to show you this way cool Russian vintage bullet belt or bandolier if you want to get technical!


Russian Bandolier makes for a way cool belt!

Russian Bandolier makes for a way cool belt! $150.00


This WWII leather black ammo belt is the coolest thing I’ve ever found, in part because I was touring Riga, Latvia and I know it’s authentic Russian belt. I came across a flea market w mostly junk and then the diamond in the rough. This one fellow selling vintage. We had some language problems but I managed to secure my item and we parted in a friendly manner. I highly recommend visiting Latvia, one of the FEW countries on the Baltic Sea where the American dollar is worth something. Haha

Leather belt is 25″ long and curves around hip. There. Are 24 2.5″ pouches.
A big leather flap folds over top.
All closing a work.
Lettering on inside of belt semi translated ;

Here’s a Russian friend’s translation of the writing:

‘Kolpino’ (it may well be something else, but this is the only thing I
could make sense of, it’s a part of St. Petersburg, possibly the factory
was placed there, I’m not sure) then the next word ‘made’ (the first
letter is unintelligible, but this is the only word that makes sense to

‘Ammunition holder’, then ‘item’ 0496

TU # 3800, I don’t know what it means, maybe ‘technical management’ or
something like that

‘High quality’







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