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Rookie mistakes are common when setting up an Etsy shop  It’s a very steep learning curve. Etsy vintage shop owners tend to get discouraged early in the game or if you pay attention and stick with it you can eventually learn from others and hopefully from your own boo boos . . .

From PlantsNStuff: a etsy shop who sells unique vintage collectibles from Main.

Selling vintage online requires a large skills set, so of course there is a huge learning curve: I’ve italicized the subjects that I’ve personally found very difficult.

Know what to buy.
Know how much to pay in order to make a profit.
Research unknown items.
Clean and make minor repairs on items.
Know how to list (single, group, by color or subject)
Take photos that are accurate, beautiful, bright on a monitor and show the item as well as its flaws.
Write enticing copy to sell the item.
Proofread your copy.
Understand how search engines work and word your listing accordingly.
Identify flaws of an item and communicate them.
Properly measure items.
Accurately indicate color(s) of an item.
Store items in an organized, yet safe way so you can find them when they sell.
Not let the “stuff” take over your living space and your life.
Accurately estimate shipping costs.

Awesome "Emergency Exit" sign. Sold for $35.00 shipping mistake ... $5.35 to NYC

Awesome “Emergency Exit” sign. Sold for $35.00 shipping mistake … $5.35 to NYC

Answer questions about items.
Quickly & cheaply ship an item so it arrives safely.

Having a postal scale at home simplifies things for shipping

Having a postal scale at home simplifies things for shipping

Do bookkeeping & taxes.
Keep it legal.
Follow the rules of the venue(s) you use.
Keep up with changes on the venue(s) you use.
Deal with the stuff that doesn’t sell or other related junk that collects as a result of buying.
Develop sources for buying more inventory

Negotiate offers.
Assess safety of items
Stay afloat despite scamming buyers.
Negotiate returns and other buyer issues.

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