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I’m not picking or hunting for antiques today.

I’m learning to skate ski. I suck. One must be able to glide and push-off skinny skis without losing one’s balance. There are poles involved and they are long. Awkwardly long. My natural instinct is to PUSH with my poles. Push like Hell and perhaps make it up one of the many hills we attempted. WE as in my good friend, Ned and I. Craig and I met Ned when we started building our house in Sun Valley. We now count Ned and his wife, Cindy as good friend. That makes four friends we have in Sun Valley!

Me and my friend Ned.

Me and my friend Ned.

Ned has the patience of a saint. Really. I’m the slowest learner ever and I really spend more time on my butt in the snow than ‘gliding’ like a pro, however today I achieved a milestone. My legs didn’t get tired though I still felt like I was going to hurl at the end of our lesson. That’s it. It may not seem like a lot to you non-skaters but this sport that looks so freaking easy is  .  .  . well it’s not.  You can see this by my form. I believe I’m about to topple over here.

Attempted skating. Pre-fall position

Attempted skating. Pre-fall position

Ned dropped me off at my house and I crawled climbed out of the car. I’m exhausted (my son’s who btw don’t skate ski would call me weak sauce) but I’m at still adjusting to the altitude . . . at least that’s what I tell myself. Mr. Big and Mr. Small are suspiciously quiet in the kitchen.

Mr. Big has a serious food addiction as well as being an accomplished dog a lete.

Mr. Big has a serious food addiction.

I knew right away who the culprit was because he left evidence. ON. HIS. HEAD.

Mr. Big looks shame-faced at the floor.

Mr. Big looks shame-faced at the floor.

I’d like to think Mr. Big is suitably chastised though no doubt he feels he’s accomplished a great feat. After all the muffins were left out on the counter and he DID manage to scale the chair then the counter, where he jumped across or walked through the sink to the tempting muffins awaiting him.

Mr. Big looking satisfied after his latest raid.

Mr. Big looking satisfied after his latest raid.

This all happened before noon. If only Mr. Big could use his athletic abilities to do something productive like oh I don’t know . . . pull me on my skis 🙂

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