About us: A Mutual Vintage Passion was discovered . . .

Shawn grew up in Bellevue, Washington, where she attended an all girls’ Catholic school. Given the choice to attend a public or private high school, she chose public school, whereupon her parents replied “wrong choice.” It was the smartest decision she never made since at the time, her fondest desire was to live in a commune. After graduating, she attended Washington State University, earning a B.A. in Speech and a Graduate Degree in Audiology—fields that proved to be particularly useless as an antique, collectible and vintage picker/ buyer and seller, however it was at Washington State University that she met her sorority sister, Karen.

The Vintage Picka Sista's Have Vintage Decor for Sale

Shawn and Karen — sorority sisters and picka sistas.

Karen also grew up in Bellevue, WA where she attended Bellevue High School. She specialized in straight A’s however she also earned consistent remarks from her teachers as ‘distracted.’ She earned her degree in Elementary Education, which does prove moderately useful as a vintage picker, antique dealer and seller. She does have a remarkable knowledge of American history.

Shawn and Karen remained the best of friends post college and through child rearing years. However it wasn’t until they discovered their mutual love of picking that they discovered their true calling and renaming of their friendship, ‘the picka sistas.’  They are self-taught pickers. They specialize in eclectic finds where industrial meets vintage, retro is made useful in the kitchen or old signage makes a statement in your home, office and garden. They search for unique pieces that tell a story; in fact, often the story is the reason they purchase an item.

They source vintage goods from their own backyard. You may just see them in your neighborhood if your neighbors have a habit of putting their trash (old lamps, discarded cowboy boots, etc.) on the side of the road with a FREE sign.

Come share their passion for vintage goods — show stoppers — conversation starters — unique pieces of history.


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