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I bought this dress at the MBA auction in Renton, WA for moi! It was a glittery shimmery site to see and I could not resist. Really. So I continued to old up my bidding number until the dress was mine. As I held out my beautiful glimmery shimmery flapper 1920’s dress, I realized it had rips Lots of rips. However I didn’t give up hope. I took it to my whiz of a seamstress, Maria. She fixes all my sewing problems but alas even Maria can’t mend the tears. Not wanting my dress to languish in a ‘to do’ pile I listed it in my store.
Vintage 20's flapper dress

Vintage 20’s flapper dress

And now slinky winky glimmery shimmery 1920’s dress has a new home. Maggie, a collector of 1920’s dresses is going to fix her and she will be enshrined forever on her website here. Stay tuned. And THANK YOU Maggie for rescuing my (now yours) gorgeous dress. Here are a few of her collections. Believe it or not, the dress on the bottom is the happily restructured dress I found at the auction.

Martin-doll-originals dress

Martin-doll-originals dress

Martin-doll-original 'morning dew' dress.

Martin-doll-original ‘morning dew’ dress.

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