How to Price Vintage Items Contest

Do you have problems pricing your cool vintage items for your retail or online outlet? I do. Think about it for a minute. It’s not just about discovering a way cool collectible. For instance, look at this lot of collectibles. Roseville pottery vase, iconic smiley cup,a piece of coral from the deep blue and a 1920’s Wilson child’s baseball mitt.

The Roseville pottery vase has no chips and is in mint condition and is of course numbered and signed. It’s even clean, which means no work for me.

The coral is a different animal. Literally. I mean once it was alive in the ocean and now it’s not 🙁  I’m digressing here but I’m a scuba diver and divers are absolutely not allowed to touch the coral or even accidentally kick the coral with fins. Coral is endangered because the GD lion fish eat, gobble, munch the poor coral. I hate lion fish AND they are poisonous to peoples—another reason to hate lion fish.

Next we have smiley the cup. Smiley hates no one, not even lion fish. I have fond memories of smiley cup and all things yellow smiley face. I think I was about 15 when smiley appeared, however smiley has been knocked off and copied a lot. Is this a copy?

And finally we have a bit of Americana. American’s love baseball, football, and pretty much anything with a ball, though of course this is a mitt. It’s a Wilson child’s mitt. I know it’s from the 1920’s because I spoke with the owner of the mitt, however it’s so old that the Wilson logo is barely legible and it’s falling apart.

What item do you think is the most valuable? Factor in the condition of the item. First correct response wins a 20% gift certificate to our Etsy store or our District store.

BTW—the answer is based on my personal research. No arguing with the boss!


What goes into pricing vintage?

What goes into pricing vintage?


A few other items not in the contest ..

A few other items not in the contest ..

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