Are YOU A Hoarder?

My mom and I recently visited an estate of a hoarder. Craigslist advertised the sale as ‘HOARDERS ESTATE.’ For a picker this is a dream come true. I thought I knew about hoarders, I mean I’ve seen the television show: Hoarding: Buried Alive but nothing prepared me for this home.

This particular hoarder collected lots of odd ball things. Moving boxes of McDonald’s toys. Check. Retro board games piled 25 deep. Check. A bedroom full of M & M candy memorabilia. Three glass cases of Cowboy and Indian Johnny West dolls. Check. Maybe the items themselves aren’t so strange because some of this stuff is certainly collectible, it’s just that there were MOUNTAINS of stuff. AND the estate agents told me they carted away 4000 lbs of stuff BEFORE the sale. Whew! So are you a hoarder? Hmmm. I have my Barbie collection. One red case with Barbie, Midge and her friends and clothing. Every Barbie needs to be well-dressed 🙂

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